Hi, I am trying to make a game where you catch the sweets for IOS. I am unsure how to do this and am wondering if anyone can show me how step by step. The game has a character that moves side to side from the movement of the phone and I made a swaying animation in flash of the character and am wondering how do we toggle the swaying animation when we move the phone side to side? Also sweets fall from the sky, like cookies and brownies etc. How do we make a random spanner on top of screen, not one where it could spawn 2 objects on top of each other, like a good random spawner. When the character goes near the sweets his mouth will toggle an animation of him closing his mouth looking as if he is eating it. How do we make it so when the sweets get close to his mouth it will toggle the animation I made in flash and how do we make it so when he eats the fruit it adds an certain amount to his score? Also there are fruits that are in the game, like apples, bananas etc. that if he accidentally eats them he will lose a life; he has 3 lives. How do we make lives and deduct lives when he eats the fruits. I hope this makes sense and if it doesn't tell me and I will try to rephrase it. Hope that you can show me a tutorial or tell me how to do this because I am kind of still a noob at mmf2. If you have any good ideas of how to make this game better and more fun to play I would love to hear them!
Thanks In advance! ☺