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Thread: Help with: Surface Object ?

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    Question Help with: Surface Object ?

    Hello Everybody,
    I'm currently using MMF2 and downloaded the Sourface 2 version, if I'm correct it's the latest version from what I understood. It seems like it's a very powerful object with lots of features!
    While I'm messing with it now, trying to draw (brush-like) with the mouse.
    But the best result I'm getting is lots of dots... instead of a smooth line so I can doodle / draw free with it.

    1 - I managed to flip back and forward to different images with the keyboard (just like in animation timeline) but I can ONLY draw on the first image, when I try to draw on the 2nd image or beyond... it shows nothing but when I flip back to the 1st frame I see it did draw on the first image?
    Is it possible to draw on every single image I'm on?

    2 - Also, I can't find how to control the thickness (size of the point / brush) by default is probably 1 pixel.
    What if I want a thickness of 5 pixels or something on the first frame for example.

    3 - Can somebody please be kind and add an example MMF2 source file so I can understand what I'm missing?
    (To draw smoothly instead of dots and all the above please?)

    I did try everything by myself but I'm still confused and that's why I'm asking for your help, so Thanks ahead! and sorry about my bad English.
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