Welcome to the Official Fusion 2.5 Tech Support Forum.

From here, you can find help on Fusion 2.5 and the available exporters. This forum is specific to Fusion 2.5 Technical Support threads. There are additional forums available from the Forum Root specific for other topics.

New Forums
Welcome to the new Clickteam forums. We have spent quite a bit of time reviewing, conversing and implementing a new forum layout for a much easier and faster experience of viewing the forums. All the forums pre-2014 have not been removed, they are available. You will find them in the relevant forums or sub-forums. Fusion 2.5 now has it's own sub-forum aswell as the exporters all neatly under one main forum.

When you go to create a new thread, we have a system in place that will check the title of the thread as you are typing it, the system will then display a series of links, linking to existing threads about the thread you are about to write. These links may be relevant to save you posting the thread, in case it has already been posted and answered on the forum previously.

Please do feel free to create a thread in the relevant forum regarding any tech support using Fusion 2.5 or any of the 2.5 exporters. We do kindly ask you to use the search feature > here, first as your question/query/problem has probably already been addressed, complete with a solution/answer. If it is a bug, please do not report them in here, please use the Bug Tracker. If you cannot find a solution or the solution you are looking for then please feel free to post a thread in the forum. Please try to post in the relevant forum (ie: SWF questions in the SWF forum) as this helps other users looking for similar questions to read your thread too.

Issues / Bugs
Please report all bugs in the Bug Tracker. Before posting any issue as a bug, please check the existing bug list as someone else may have already reported the same bug or issue. Clickteam Programmers are specifically assigned their own list of bugs to combat so posting your bugs on the forum may result in your bug not even been reviewed by the Clickteam programmers. The Bug Tracker also has a feature request section, if you would like to see new features or improvements to any of the software and/or exporters.

Support is just One-Click Away!
Clickteam offers many lines of support, alongside the very helpful community message forums, there is also a direct contact us page and you can also download the official chat client from here > http://community.clickteam.com/chat/ClickConverse.zip

Just sign in with your forum username/password and you will be able to enter the official Clickteam chat rooms where you can speak directly with other Clickteam users, moderators and staff.

Extension Manager
Fusion 2.5 is now equipped with a fully fledged, built-in extension manager. Click Insert > New Object and you will see a button entitled "Manager". Click this and the Extension Manager will load up all available extensions for you. This will be updated frequently by Clickteam.

Contacting Clickteam
If your query is regarding any of the products directly, such as your serial number, order information you can contact Clickteam directly here > http://www.clickteam.com/contact-us (Please fill out all required fields). If your query is regarding a Steam order, you can contact Clickteam directly by clicking here.

Backseat Moderating
We have a robust team of moderators on the forum who frequent the forum daily. It goes to show how effective the staff and moderating teams are as there is a lot of things you don't see that happens behind the scenes. For example, spam is always taken down immediately, offensive posts are removed, offensive language is edited and lots more. Sometimes however, something can be missed. Rather than taking it upon yourself to reply to the post acting as a backseat moderator, your help would be much more appreciated if you reported offensive/spam posts using the 'Report Post' button just below the offending post to allow Clickteam Staff and/or Moderators to deal with the post.

Forum Etiquette
The Clickteam forums are family-friendly. We like to keep it that way and the staff and moderators review threads, posts, attachments and blog posts everyday. We kindly ask that you follow the typical family-friendly forum etiquette and remember we have children to adults using the forum, so please keep any foul language at bay, no racist, sexist or hate remarks. Please also refrain from posting any attachments which may be deemed offensive. Forum etiquette is expected to be used in the Clickteam Chat also.