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Thread: Collision and pathing

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    Collision and pathing

    I would like two objects to either when in range or when they collide to stop then attack each other and then when no other units are in range continue on their path. I have looked everywhere and still have not found a solution. Should I use flags? fast loops? I do not know that much about either but if that is the way to go I will learn more about it. Any help or examples would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.


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    Try putting an invisible circle around each character, when the circles collide they can be told to stop and attack. If a character is destroyed destroy the circle too. Then when there are no enemy circles near your hero's then he can carry on moving. For eg. Circle collides with player - set player global value A to 1. With all his movement events make it so global value A must equal 2. That way he'll stop whenever he gets in range. No way to run away from battle I think that helps?

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