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Thread: tablet compatibility

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    @FVivolo: If I understand correctly:
    - Android handles the display automatically.
    - What google says is a suggestion but not necessary.

    My only concern then is if people with a tablet look for my game in the google app store, will they find it? Or will they get a '"application for phone" like Wolkam? And will they then be able to download and play it, even if it says 'application for phone?

    I don't have a tablet so I can't check for this myself :/

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    about your concern, yes it will find the application, what is important

    min sdk look that in play store you 8+ for example if your min in 2.2, if you set 12 none of below will see teh apk.

    opengl 2.0+ means that 1.1 and 2.0 can run the apk.

    The device filter is the important, let say you don´t want your game inside Samsung XFDCXX for example you check all other and leave it blank this model so when user will look for your apk with this device it will say not compatible and does not allow the download or installation.

    many other apk also select which country they want the application will run, and unmarked where they don´t want to be downloaded.

    Fernando Vivolo

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