Edit: I have no idea what happened, but now I tried it again and all of a sudden it works. Now it creates both actives and counters with the same event... I'm speechless. I changed nothing.

I've been trying out the new "Create object by name" event, but have run into an issue. I'm saving the position of objects in an ini file and then loading it on runtime and creating the objects in a loop. It works fine, though now I have an ini which has the positions of actives and a counter. When this runs, only the counter is created, and none of the active objects. When I delete the counter line, all the actives are created. It seems there is an issue when creating objects in a loop if there are different object types... though I have no idea why this would be.

Anyone got any idea why this is an issue?

I can see if I can upload my mfa file if needed, but as I said, it works fine except for this instance where there are different object types, and it works if I delete the line for the counter. I have checked it over and over too, so I doubt it's a typing mistake or something in the ini or in the code.