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Thread: Download Object Connection Error

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    Download Object Connection Error

    The download object was working fine for me (and in every other part of the same program) until now... I'm not sure what's going on with it. I've tried everything I can think of, which... Isn't much... I tried setting the URL to just "" and the object still returned an error. I'll include as much info as I can in this post to help elaborate my problem.

    What the program does:
    I'm designing a tool for Planetside 2 players that does various things such as looking up outfits (large player groups - kind of like guilds) by their tag, getting current server status (locked, online, offline), and other features that have yet to be implemented. I'm using the SOE online API which provides third party developers access to most of their games' current data. To use it, all you have to do is enter a URL and specify in that URL whether you want the data in xml format or json. Including specific terms in the URL allows you to pull the information you're looking for. In this case, all I am pulling so far is the server status, a random sheet of character info for testing purposes, and outfit information. The outfit information is where I've hit the snag. Everything else downloads just fine.

    Apologies in advance:
    I'm not the most elegant programmer. I am using MMF2 for this application because I don't want to learn the tools necessary to create something like this in Java. I don't enjoy writing code. There's such a vast amount of Java that I would have to learn that it would take me years to be able to write this same program that I'm developing in MMF2, and I don't want to spend years of my time doing something that I'm simply not interested in. A lot of the event editor may look incredibly messy, and I'm sorry for that. I'm doing the best I can. :P

    Frame Editor:

    Event List Editor Top:

    Event List Editor Bottom:

    Event Editor Top:

    Event Editor Bottom:

    Before Download:

    After Download:

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    its not workin, i have the same proble with that extension, that don't work it keeps telling me "error"...

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