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Thread: MagIQ.mfa with MagicDeque.mfx for CF2.5 Developer

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    MagIQ.mfa with MagicDeque.mfx for CF2.5 Developer

    CF2.5 Developer MagicDeque example
    I come across LB's page:
    and I found: MagicDeque @
    This is a Array Extension that is the best I found so far!

    I put up this *.mfa example while learning HOWTO use MagicDeque!
    Application menu doesn't work in PFO.mfa, I dunno why? (PFO.mfa is incomplete but still working)
    So I make "PFO MDI.mfa" a MDI project of it because I know that the Application menu is working there.

    I only use Push in my example but you can use: Shift, Insert and Push
    You get a very good instruction guide to MagicDeque.

    The Array is the base of almost every program, that's why I put in extra time to learn the MagicDeque!

    PFO MDI v1.3
    Update for PFO MDI.mfa v1.3:
    Only Delete existing Elements
    Stepping in Array now update Element to Element +1
    Can close + Create new ED Window
    Attach menu option New to button

    PFO MDI v1.4
    Update for PFO MDI.mfa v1.4:
    Update value when change Element

    Next update should be search for text in Arrays, joke only...
    No don't do that it's going take hours..

    PFO MDI v1.5
    Update for PFO MDI.mfa v1.5:
    Ctrl+F for Searching value in all Element in all Arrays
    Leave value empty for list all Element in all Arrays
    This Search is a Foreach in a Foreach..
    PFO MDI.mfa and it contain MDI Child window so it's for CF 2.5 Developer only!
    F1 View Help file

    Magic v1.6
    Update for Magic v1.6:
    Change name to Magic.mfa, I was suppose learn: PowerFunction.mfx but ended up with MagicDeque.mfx
    Set back focus on In after Search
    F12 SaveAS
    Ctrl+O Open a The File Object to load an Array
    On Open Dialog - OK Set Element to last Element+1 with many "ett" keywords for Ctrl+F
    Save Array in CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv), that can be Loaded/Saved in Excel
    Make In bigger for bigger inputs, I learned that The Edit Object single row only can input as many char that fits.
    Make the Console stretch to the Window size
    Make a Statusbar for the Array filename
    Update Filename when SaveAs
    Change "The Common Dialog Object" to the "The File Object", I learned that the "The File Object" is much better than "The Common Dialog Object"
    Steps in Array: CLS Console and list all Element in Array
    Change layout and remove all the Labels
    Make the Drag.png not to be destroyed when window get to big
    Use timer to Maximize MDI Child Window at start
    Save Window X and Y position and with and height in Array.ini

    Magic v1.7
    Change name to Magic.mfa:
    F3 Show all last Elements and values + Last Array
    Insert Push a new Array I need to Select Array position to set E=CurrentArraySize( "Magic" )
    If A < MDSize (number of Arrays) then Push new Array, If NOT it's going to insert a new Array before last array (NOT after)!
    Alt+Del Delete active Array, If last Array jump to last Array-1
    Ctrl+R Randomize Elements
    Ctrl+I Invert Elements
    Ctrl+E Reverse Elements
    When Load file to MagicDeque it create all Loaded Arrays (No need to push new Arrays)
    the Sort function in MagicDeque is inded complete, impressive
    Ctrl+Space Copy Active Element (In) to Clipboard
    Save LastFile to Array.ini
    Ctrl+[`] Load last file store in the Array.ini
    Ctrl+BkSp Toggle Normal/Full Window (I finally learn HOWTO)
    Menu Shortcuts Ctrl+[1/0] Set no till Active Element
    Menu Shortcuts Alt+[1/0] Set no till Active Array
    Set Encryption key with data in: "In"
    If Ctrl+N all data even Encryption key is cleared!
    Save/SaveAs and Load .data with set Encryption key
    No Encryption for .csv (No point)
    Set Lastfile = Drop File from CommandLine$
    This was my last intended goal

    Magic v1.8
    Change name to MagIQ.mfa:
    Added Link (2.0) can click on a www-link to open in set web browser
    Ctrl+W Set web browser to open www-links
    Alt+W print out: Default web browser: chrome.exe
    Link (2.0) added little more purpose to the application, but still can't make D:\Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5\CF2.5\Functions\ and email addresses as a 2.0 Links.
    Group Clickcode in Groups for easier overview
    a html console should be more dynamic than the The Rich Edit Object
    Alt+[Left/Right] Move Active Element
    Alt+[Up/Down] Move Active Array
    When use Ctrl+T
    Sort Elements DESC ----------------
    I try sort as #no but that didn't seem to work when the element is saved as strings
    Remove sound

    Array Encryption Key:

    Original Post:
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