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Thread: [MMF2] Can I sell the games I make?

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    [MMF2] Can I sell the games I make?

    I've recently got MMF2 via the Humble Bundle and I was curious whether or not I can sell my games. I know this must have been asked a billion times in the forum, but I couldn't find a concrete answer, even with the search function of the website.

    So, if I give credit to the program itself in the game, can I sell applications / video games created with the MMF2 I've gotten from The Humble Bundle?

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    That is correct. You can sell them with credit to Clickteam/MMF2.

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    To be more exact, you have more freedom to sell your product without credit if you own MMF2 Developer version.

    But yea. For the regular version, you're limited to giving credit to Clickteam/MMF2 before selling your product.

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    Okay this seems fair enough. Hmmm so if I am publishing using clickteam fusion 2.5 and 3.0 standard versions of both then to make it legal I just need a clickteam splash screen before running my game and if I sell my game I do the same until I have raked up enough cash to buy the developer version of clickteam fusion 2.5 and clickteam fusion 3.0 and I will no longer need that splash screen on games created using developer versions, correct? But not for games made using standard versions correct? So games I publish with the standard version need splash screens, whilst games I publish using developer versions don't need a splash screen, happy to see I have got the correct information.

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