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Thread: "Always" (when inside a group) doesn't deactivate when Group is deactivated.

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    "Always" (when inside a group) doesn't deactivate when Group is deactivated.

    So I'm scratching my head with this one. Can an "always" be deactivated when inside a group?
    When you put an "always" event, normally it carries on forever. That's understood.
    Now, look at this: when you put an "always" inside a deactivated group, and call that group at a certain time,
    the "always" command will activate upon call. So far so good. It has activated upon call, not when the game started.
    BUT, how come it won't stop when I deactivate the group? That's what i want to know? how to stop the "always" command.
    Because I want the always command to only be always while the group it is in IS Active.
    Like for exemple: I have 5 frames of an animation.
    But frame 3 is a huge picture so I use the scale command to scale it down smoothly using the always command.
    (What this does is an effect of slowly shrinking or zooming out of the picture evenly and steady...)
    Then, I tell mmf2 to when the frame is the 4th, to bring back the normal size and deactivate the group where the "always" is.
    It doesn't do it, and all there is is a black screen because the active is forever shrinking even after it's group is deactivated.
    Any work around this? thanksyyyeeee

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    If an action is inside a group which is deactivated then so far as I am aware it should notnfire under any circumstances. This could be a bug, could you please submit it to the bug box - if possible along with a simple blank mfa with an exampe of this issue (as few event/conditions/actions as possible).

    Thanks :-)

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    I can't reproduce the bug build 257.20 MMF2 Dev.
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    some of my group commands fail to activate or deactivate.

    Fanotherpg, your on DEV, that's why

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