Hey Everyone

This forum is NOT for Technical Support questions, queries or suggestions. Please use the applicable forum for threads/posts asking questions on a particular given topic. You can find the official Tech Support forums by clicking here.

This new section of the forum was setup to enable Clickteam and community users (like you) to create Guides, Tutorials, Walk-Thru's, Examples and Widgets for other users. The File Archive (Above) and Articles Archive (Above) are there for legacy reasons. People can still browse, read and download from the File Archive and Articles Archive but cannot post/submit new threads to it.

The reason for this is, this new forum here you are currently in. You, the users can still Submit your own Guides, Tuts, Walk-Thrus, Examples, Widgets etc. in here as a 'New Thread'.

All threads inside this forum are now moderated. They will be queued in the moderation system and will be pending approval by a CT member or one of the forum moderators. This is purely just to maintain consistency of the forum layout and to prevent threads going lost, unseen or removed.

Anybody and everybody is more than welcome to submit something to help others out. If you think you have something to offer, please read the Submission Guidelines. Once approved (usually within 24-48 hours), your thread will appear in this forum whether it be a Widget, Example, Tutorial or Guide.