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Thread: Few questions about fusion 2.5

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    Few questions about fusion 2.5

    Hi guys thinking about buying fusion 2.5 as i want to start making my own android games, got few questions tho.

    1.Is it possible to control the character by tilting the screen of the phone left and right? is it hard to do that?

    2.Is it difficult to export the game onto an android device?

    3. Is it difficult to set up online score boards? Much coding involved or simple events?

    4. Last question :P The last click product i used was TGF2 never got a chance to try mm2 so is the lay out much different?

    thx guys

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    1. yes thats possible and it's very easy

    2. it's super easy to export onto Android, maybe 15 minutes to set up and then from then on you can simply click build and run to device

    3. I believe online scoreboards are pretty simple these days, I haven't tried one myself though

    4. the layout is a little different, it's a lot better IMO. It will still feel familiar, you'll be up and running in no time.

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    Thx for the info DaveC

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    Just to add to what Dave said, it is quite easy, the hardest part was figuring out how to add a license to my app for distribution, which became super useful once I discovered Danny's Key generator tool found here.

    Some other useful links helpful to know:

    Setting up for the Android Exporter and SDK

    How to work out if an image is to the power of 2

    A guide to making faster games on mobile devices

    A guide for scaling games for mobile devices

    Optimal settings to be aware of:

    32,000 colours will run faster
    Open GL 1.1 is ideal
    Use V-sync
    Have global colour reduction on objects to reduce memory (under Android - Image Compression in Android Properties)
    If you're doing pixel art, turn "smooth resizing" off and resize all images at runtime at 0, the lowest quality, to avoid smoothing
    Enable "Wake_Lock" under the permissions to help keep the phone backlight on

    Other useful tips:

    Overlap conditions use more CPU than straight collision detection, so avoid them
    Ideally avoid the timer - make custom timers with variables instead
    Also the PMO (platform movement object) is the best movement type I have found
    Fastloops slow down mobile apps - avoid them if possible. That's why I use the PMO object for character movement. I can link you to an example if you need one

    And after having said all of that, don't worry if you don't do it all. They're just lots of little tips I've learned to get the most out of Android, but at it's simplest level, it's incredibly easy to do. They're just optimization tips to get it running better on a wider range of devices.

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