I'm using Scoreoid for my game's leader board. It all works great and was pretty easy to implement, based on the sample by "manwich" (http://community.clickteam.com/threads/81036-Easy-cross-platform-high-scores-cloud-data-storage-push-notifications-with-Scoreoid?p=595926&viewfull=1#post595926). The only problem is that my game's scoring is a timer and it's down to the hundredth of seconds (like 23.14). Since Scoreoid is integer-based, I multiply the scores by 100 to remove the decimals (23.14 becomes 2314). The problem I'm having, because this whole thing is way over my head, is how to put it back to decimals-- at what point, and how, do I multiply it by 0.01? This is where it's parsed:

string$( "Table Names" ) + listGetAt$( "String Parser", 6 + ( LoopIndex("nameloop" ) * 17 ) ) + ""
string$( "Table Scores" ) + listGetAt$( "String Parser", 13 + ( LoopIndex("nameloop" ) * 17 ) ) + ""

The first line, as you can see, is to get the player names, and the second line is for the scores.

Here's how the xml comes in:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<player username="mike" email="" first_name="" last_name="" platform="pc">
<score score="9923" difficulty="0" platform="pc" leaderboard="" created="2014-03-09 16:20:31" data=""/>
<player username="amy" email="" first_name="" last_name="" platform="pc">
<score score="9623" difficulty="0" platform="pc" leaderboard="" created="2014-03-09 16:20:00" data=""/>

Any help would be appreciated.