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Thread: Flapping Birds - Online

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    Flapping Birds - Online

    It's still technically in public beta, but the install count is about to go from 5 to 6 digits.

    I am still not sure why i decided to create and release this, i was browsing around on freelancer seeing all these requests for flappy bird clones, and thought i would make another basic clone perhaps to sell, then i figured flap mmo is extremely popular and there weren't any online multiplayer version on google play, so i did a test with the lacewing object and thought that was kinda fun, so i just released it to see if anyone would join. And then came the hordes! by some stroke of luck, flap mmo was just reviewed by pewdiepie, and my game is the first to come up searching for "flap mmo" on google play. So thousands of fans who couldn't tell the difference were installing my game, until it got more organic and players started recommending it to their friends.
    I have basically been working full time on this for a couple weeks now, and it's really doing well.

    I expanded to 3 different zones so far, the red zone is the latest and most interesting. Each zone is again split into multiple rooms to handle all the traffic.
    So check it out and join us, i guarantee there are other people online to play with


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    This looks so cool!!! The coding for this is probably a bit over my level but would love to do something like this in the future. Probably wont be flappy birds though lol.

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    very interessting.. have you made the multiplayer part with lacewing ?

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    Nice job on this!

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