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Thread: Different Physics Object Behavior in HTML5

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    Different Physics Object Behavior in HTML5

    Hi, I have a simple bouncing ball physics object colliding with active objects. The behavior I get in my exported HTML5 version is different than what I get from my Windows version. That is to say that my ball bounces in slightly different directions and ends up in a different location on the two versions of my game. Does anybody know a way to correct this?

    I've also noticed some strange behavior when performing some other action on the collision. It tends to be detected a moment before the collision actually occurs, as if it detects that it's getting close (but hasn't actually collided yet).

    I'm new to the HTML5 exporter and to the physics objects, so hopefully I'm just overlooking some options. Thanks!


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    The HTML5 version of the Physics engine is unfortunately not exactly the same as the C++ version. Did what I could, but could not find the exact matching version in HTML5.
    Also, as physics simulates real-life, a lot of different factors influence the behavior of the objects, and a tiny modification can induce big changes (butterfly effect).
    But this might be an obvious conversion error from my side. In this case please post a bug in the HTML5 bugbox with your mfa (or send the mfa privately if your prefer, but please post a bug).
    Do you intend to distribute your game as BOTH Windows exe and HTML5? If only the latter, switch to HTML5 Developement and use "Build & Run" instead of "Run Application" : it is almost as fast and you directly test the game in real situation.

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