I was thinking of scripting a virtual camera type object, which the screen always centers this object (the camera), while focusing on the action scenes. I was thinking of having a zoom effect for this object, which when I want it to zoom on to a particular character for dramatic effect in a game or animation. I am wondering if the zoom effect can be possible?

In other words, if the screen was 640x480, but the frame level area is 12345x12345. But the virtual camera would only show on the screen what's being displayed within the area of the virtual camera object. I know this effect is possible in flash, but I've never tried anything with CT Fusion for the same effect.

I've done a few experiments with scaling objects from its original size for a similar effect. Maybe instead of scaling objects from a hot spot, maybe there is a way I can have them scale from a particular offset from calculation? Though I think I've heard of a magnifying glass thing/extension, but I don't know if that's what I really need.