I have an app I am making. In this game after you die its pulls up a hi-score screen where the player will enter there score, Or view the other scores depending on if they beat the other hi-scores.

In the in-game settings menu in my app, I have a hi-score reset button. When this button is pushed I want to reset the hi-scores on the hi-score screen. How I currently have it set up is that when the button is pressed it changes a global value to 1 and on the hi-score page it has a command that when global value "highscore_reset = 1 reset hi-score board.

this does reset the hi-score. But then it wont take a new hi-score because then the command still resets it. So I have a command for when the player leaves the settings page the highscore_reset is set to 0 so it doesn't reset the hi-score constantly.

Issue is...

It doesn't work. It either resets the hi-score constantly and you cant enter new scores. Or it doesn't reset the hi-score board

I am currently not home so I can't provide an example file. Hope you guys understand from my description of my issue.

Thanks for any help given!!!