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Thread: html5 export module questions

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    Clicker Fusion 2.5SWF Export Module

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    html5 export module questions

    I am willing to buy the html5 export module

    but questions it possible to put iframe ads (leadbolt ads) for mobile browsers

    2.does html5 export works on all major mobile browsers

    3.does it handle device rotation and full screen game play (no black borders problem) under different screensize(mobile)

    4. html5 sponsors wants their api to be implemented.. is it possible to intrigate additional api into it

    awaiting an early reply thank you

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    1. Yes, it just generates a JavaScript script that requires a few files to be in the right place and a canvas element, the rest is just a normal HTML page.

    2. As far as I can tell, yes, anything that supports JavaScript, and the Canvas Element should do just fine, but each has its quirks.

    3. Yes, through a few different methods, I've posted some of them on this forum, and its fairly easy to implement if you learn a little about JavaScript.

    4. Yep, its pretty easy to write new plugins for the HTML5 Runtime, but even outside of that, you can call functions and get return values in the runtime, making using external API's a snap!

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    Clicker Fusion 2.5 DeveloperAndroid Export ModuleHTML5 Export Module
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    I just bought clickteam fusion 2.5 dev. and html5 exporter
    But i can not know how to use this exporter cant see it on file > build

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    You mean :
    - You have installed Fusion 2.5

    Have you booted Fusion 2.5 at that moment, or have you immediately proceeded to the installation of the HTML5 Exporter? If this is the later, I suggest you uninstall the exporter from the Control Panel (Program and functionalities), launch Fusion 2.5, quit it, and re-install the exporter.

    I think there is a problem if you install the exporters before the main program has poked its vital data in the registry.

    Please keep me posted in this thread.

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    HI Ramyhakam,

    To build an html5 file you need to set your application properties build type to one of the HTML5 options.

    Click on the title of your application in the workspace toolbar
    Then in the properties window drop down the build type in the settings tab to see all the different build types (Export modules) you have installed.

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