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Thread: Not loading text into edit box

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    Not loading text into edit box

    Hey all

    I made a little program for work, with a couple of edit boxes that loads external text files (ie techielog.txt).

    For a while now though when i make a new revision to the program it stops loading the text into the edit box. It works fine when i run it inside of Fusion 2.5 but when i compile to exe it doesn't load the text!

    Any reason why?

    I basically have the event - start of frame - load text file "n:\techielog.txt" under the edit object.

    It used to work fine, perhaps a bug? I had the same issue a while back but i think i got around it somehow but not this time.

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    Are you running the compiled exe from the exact same directory as the mfa and still getting that issue?

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