I have been working on an app for quite sometime. Posted something about a month ago, on some bugs I was having. Fixed most of them. Then more came up.

I am completely stumped on how to fix these.

Biggest issue is the player is having jumping issues. The entire game is centered around the player jumping. So this is a game breaking bug. It works on PC, and it worked on android for a while. Issue was you had to use a button to make the player jump. I wanted it to be clicking anywhere on the screen makes him jump. Now he wont jump.

The hi-score board is also an issue. I have the hi-score take the # from a counter I have. When you reset the hi-scores all of them reset but the top one?!?!?! I tried manually reseting each of them back to "Empty" and "0". Worked for all of them but the first player again. Soooo... I am stuck there too.

The last issue I am having is scaling. I tired fit to screen with black bars. I would be okay with it too but the bars were a whiteish color not white? Then I went threw some of the other options and none of them really looked decent.

I am going to throw the .mfa file on my Google drive and post a link to it.

If any one could take a look threw my events, and ect... and possibly fix some of these issues that would be amazing!!!

link to .mfa - https://drive.google.com/folderview?...jA&usp=sharing