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Thread: Easier Resizing Widget

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    Lightbulb Easier Resizing Widget

    This widget makes it easier to automatically position active objects when the frame has been resized, such as in mobile app development.

    It will make object position themselves automatically relative to the frame borders.

    This widget is compatible with all exporters, as it only uses active objects, though it is only compatible with Fusion 2.5.

    It's probably easiest to implement this into new projects that you're starting from scratch, as it required the use of alterable values and strings to work. However, it will work with existing projects if you download the 'Old Apps' version of the widget, and Alterable Values X, Y and Z free, and Alterable Strings I and J free.

    Here's a demo of the widget in action:

    There are instructions for setting up the widget in the second frame of the source files.

    About the ResizeType alterable value:
    • Setting it to 0 will mean that the object will be positioned by a percentage relative to the object's position in the original frame. For example, if you had an original frame size of 320x240, and you placed an object at 80, 60 (so in the top left corner of the frame), and your new frame was 640x480, the object would be repositioned at 160, 480 (25% of the width/height of the frame away from the top left corner).
    • Setting it to 1 will mean that the object will be positioned by the number of pixels it is away from the frame border(s). For example, if you had an object positioned at 300, 200 in a frame that is 320x240, it would be positioned at 620, 440 in a frame that is 640x480 (i.e. 20 pixels to the left of the right edge, and 40 pixels up from the bottom edge).

    If you're adding the widget to an existing project, download the 'Old Apps' version, and just copy the Resizing behaviour to an existing active object and the Resize: Settings object into the frame. If you want to change the ResizeType alterable value, you will need to change Alterable Value X in the active object.

    Let me know if you have any questions about how to use the widget.
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