I'm trying to use the EasyXML for months and almost nothing I can do on this extension.
I tried to understand with the EasyXML.mfa example file included, but still without success.

Here is a smaller version of my XML:


<firstbutton name="Home" subapp_frame="5">
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="5">Install</item>
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="6">Reinstall</item>
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="7">Uninstall</item>
<secondbutton name="Help" subapp_frame="8">
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="8">Button 1</item>
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="9">Button 2</item>
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="10">Button 3</item>
<thirdbutton name="More" subapp_frame="11">
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="11">Test 1</item>
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="12">Test 2</item>
<sidebarbutton subapp_frame="13">Test 3</item>

The firstbutton, secondbutton and thirdbutton must be the Top buttons with their respective names like "Home, Help and More"
and the sidebarbutton's should be loaded every time you press the Top buttons, renaming the sidebar.
The subapp_frame is just the number of the frame that I want to load when the button is pressed.

How it is supposed to be:


Why XML? Because for me this layout is easier to modify the data.
Why SubApplication? Because is easier to modify the UI, design and template. (ATM)


I can't load properly the names, elements, attributes. Every time it loads something random or parts of the data, and when I press other button, all the names on sidebar are null/empty.


If someone could send me some kind of Example files to help me figure out how this extension actually works, I would be very grateful!


EDIT: I'm currently using MMF2 Dev Build 255