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Thread: [OUYA HELP]Set Active position by Right Stick

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    Cool [OUYA HELP]Set Active position by Right Stick

    Hello again my friends!

    I'm trying to figure this engine on OUYA:

    Upon presses "spacebar": CREATE ACTIVE and set X position to X Right Frame/2 and Y position to Y Bottom Frame/2 (CENTER OF THE SCREEN)
    Aways: Set X position of ACTIVE on X Mouse / Set Y position of ACTIVE on Y Mouse you can see, I use some keyboard button to create active, then position always on mouse position.

    ================================================== ================================================

    I'm trying to do this on OUYA controller......create a object on center of screen when I press R1.....then aways set position relative of RIGHT STICK....I want to use Right stick to move this ACTIVE (if I move the right stick a little bit, the active will move slow.....if I move right stick too much...the active will move fast..... (like a mouse pointer moved by stick)

    i've tried to do this get the values of right stick...put on alterable value...then set on active position. But I cant figure this....and I dont have a OUYA to test anytime.... (just sometimes because its of my friend)..

    So....can someone here make a simple MFA example of this and save my life?

    Best regards and thank you very much!

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    right stick is only available by using OUYA object and the result is a float value for x_axis and y_axis in the range of -1 to 1

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