Simple Enemy Platform Movement Object!

The “Simple Enemy Platform Movement Object” is an extension that will make it easier for developers to create simplistic enemy movement. No more complicated fast loops and for each loops as the object will manage everything from instances, speed, gravity, and more. It is so simple that on the start you set it to the object you want it to control.!

- Set to instances of a object.
- Change the acceleration, deceleration, speed, gravity, and jump hight during runtime.
- Detect collisions with other objects

Some screenshots:

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I will keep working on the ideas for this and if you like to donate to the bounty the link is below.


1. You must have the project finished.
2. Source code needs to be released to the public for free use.
3. The bounty will not be handed over until the extension is fully tested and working.
4. This must work with ALL exporters.
5. it must be stable and bug free!

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