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Thread: BATTLE PIXELS - FGL sponsorship (bids)

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    Smile BATTLE PIXELS - FGL sponsorship (bids)


    I have just had my first 2 bids from an FGL sponsor. These were disappointingly low. I wasn't expecting amazing $$$$ things but it hasn't got off to the start I was hoping for.

    Is FLASH really dead?

    The sponsor has mentioned that I would need to upload the games to sites of their choice, is this correct? I though he would do this - or is it so I don't have to hand over the .SWF file to them (sorry for the newbie questions).

    Would a HTML5 version get a greater return/sponsorship sale?

    Are there game types/subjects that do well. Maybe my game just doesn't play well, but I guess I will have to see how things play out.

    Here is a link to the trailer.

    Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

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    Flash is not dead, but HTML5 and mobile are taking more and more importance. There was a recent blog post at FGL about the state of Flash games:

    About getting decent bids, FGL advices to wait between 3 and 6 weeks. This can be read in the FGL Developer FAQ which is well worth a read.

    About improving the quality of a game, I strongly suggest to use FGL's free pre-review service if you didn't already.
    Also getting various people to playtest your game and receive feedback is important. You can read about the various gameplay testing solutions available at FGL here.
    You can also attract more publishers/sponsors by following the advices posted by FGL in this thread.

    From what I could gather, HTML5 games are currently sold as Site Lock licenses for the most part. This is because of their format (multiple files, subfolders) they cannot be distributed and spread virally as easily as Flash games (single file). My advice would be to try to get a decent Primary License for the Flash version of your game fist. After that, or after 6 weeks, you could try to sell Site Lock licenses of the Flash and HTML5 versions of your game.

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