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Thread: Distortion of MPEG video playback

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    Distortion of MPEG video playback

    I'm attempting to put together a relatively simple kiosk application which allows users to select an icon which plays a particular MPG video. I've attempted using the MPG object as well as the Direct Show and Active Direct Show objects to play the video. All play the video but at certain points in the video the image quality is poor. It's like there is noise around the edges of the moving object. The distortion is like a series of lines like the sync on a monitor isn't set properly or something. It's hard to explain but the symptom is the same with all three objects. The video plays fine if I just play it in Windows Media Player.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get optimal quality playing MPG files from within Fusion 2.5?



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    I suggest trying an ActiveX control. VLC has a ActiveX control and will pretty much play anything you throw at it. It would however require VLC ActiveX control installed on the system along with your app to work.

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