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Thread: Super Untitled Game - Pre-Alpha Demo

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    Exclamation Super Untitled Game - Pre-Alpha Demo

    Greetings Clickers,

    our team, Digital Punch, just finished our pre-alpha demo of our Contra-like shoot-em-up, Super Untitled Game.

    Super Untitled Game has changed shape. The fighter has become a soldier of the future.
    The setting is now a grim future in the year 2017, where alien invaders have laid waste to our planet and our population is decreasing rapidly.

    The invaders steal our dead and mutate them into synthetic beings who will stop at nothing to eliminate us all.
    But all is not lost!

    Through advanced AI and robotics, combined with the minds of the worlds bravest soldiers, scientists have created a new breed of warriors; the VIKINGs.

    These titanium warriors are the worlds last hope, their strength, speed and willpower will all be put to the test.
    Will you face the challenge and save humanity?

    Download it at our website and give us your feedback!

    Next step will be to try and get it Kickstarted and Greenlit on Steam.

    Want to help us create music for the game and/or game-trailer? PM me or just reply in this thread!

    screen1.jpg screen2.jpg

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    Super Untitled Game - Pre-Alpha Demo

    I however, really like the new look

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    Don't worry Zonacas!
    The old Super Untitled Game is just put on hold until further notice.
    We just borrowed the name and slapped it on to our new game (which has absolutley nothing to do with the old game), until we can find a proper name for it!

    I'll be uploading some gameplay video-footage very soon.

    In the meantime, here are some more, updated screens for you guys:
    apc.jpg explosions.jpg building explode.jpg tunnel.jpg

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    If you like our demo, please visit our IndieDB site and leave a review or comment on our game!

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    Check out our first gameplay video!

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    Wow, looking awesome Andy!

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    thank you macca!

    we are currently creating a proper trailer for the demo. will update it in this thread once completed!

    in the meantime, here's another screen for ya!

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    This looks so good.

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    I just tried the demo, good game!

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    man....look at this..


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