Hey guys, i've hit another speedbump i've found a way to have the death and game over work for all 4 of my characters which is great, but the problem im having is that when the death animation is finished and the frame that you die on restarts (as i want it) the health wont fill up, its at wherever you are when you get killed, ie if the HP is say 6 when you fall or get killed, that's where it jumps back to when the frame restarts. Is there any ways around this? Im hoping so because this will keep me from many bugs and save me a TON of time. BTW, this is all setup in the global events.

EDIT: I swear, im not trying to flood the forums with nonsense lol, it seems like anytime i post an issue an idea comes to mind. This one worked as well! For anyone else having similar issues, here's what worked for me!

(Event that triggers respawn of current frame) = Jump to frame, then click "use calculation". Enter "Frame" and press enter. What it does is jumps you to the same frame that the respawn happens on without actually "restarting" the current frame, in turn carrying over any counter values you have on that respawn point instead of what they were currently when you die on that frame