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Thread: Having issues with the online high score implementation

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    Having issues with the online high score implementation


    I have been trying to implement an online high score system by following the tutorial made by Sparckman but I ran into an issue:

    - When I use Get Object, the "Received$" seems to be bringing back a line break or something like that at the beggining of the string. This breaks two things in the tutorial. Firstly, it breaks the validation of (server_status = "online"), because the received string is something+"online". Secondly, it breaks the string with the first name of the list, because it looks like a linre break was put before it and ends up overlapping with the second name of the list.

    I uploaded the php files from Sparckman's post into my site (same 000web host as his example), and on his mfa file I only changed his url and pass with mine. When running the mfa with his URL, I receive a perfect "online" of 6 character lenght, but when I use my URL, I get the "online" with the line break and 7 characters lenght.

    Does anyone have a clue about why could this be happening?

    By the way, I know that I could do some changes to display more than 10 scores (change config, add strings) but, is there any way of showing the scores that are around the score of the player instead of the first ten lines?
    Example: let's say I have a 100 high score table in SQL, and the user score, when saved into the table is positioned on the position 88... is there anything I could do to show the scores from 84 to 93? Instead of the top 10?

    And one last question, there is still no way of implementing google play leaderboards in CT Fusion 2.5, right?

    Additional info:

    This is a test I did:
    -On Get Complete => a String object = Get Received$(Get Object)
    And when I run the application the string object shows "online" but one line down.

    Another test:
    Set "source string" in string parser to Received$(Get Object) and then set a counter with the string lenght... and when I run the application, the counter shows "7" (instead of 6 for "online").

    Thanks in advance,

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    I haven't followed that tutorial, but does it involve altering the scripts at all? Might you have inserted a line break where there wasn't one before?

    If you can't track it down, you could remove the whitespace in the returned string by using trim() - I can't remember if Fusion has that expression natively or it it's on an extension...

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