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Thread: Making an HTML5 app clickable

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    Making an HTML5 app clickable

    I'm trying to make a widget using HTML5. It basically shows a slideshow with a high score table, and when the user clicks the app it should open a link to another page (where my game is located).

    It's working fine, except from a UI perspective it feels weird that the mouse cursor does not change to a hand when the user mouses over the app. I tried to do this using the Cursor object, but when I uploaded the game to my website, it didn't work.

    Is the cursor object not compatible with HTML5? If that's the case, is there another method I could try?

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    The mouse cursor object should be compatible with the HTML5 runtime since the build 281.3, according to François:

    As stated in this bugbox issue, there are inconsistencies between Windows and HTML pre-defined cursors. I couldn't find any documentation about HTML5 cursors in the Help, I don't know if François updated it.

    To avoid any confusion, I have asked if it wouldn't be better and easier to have the HTML5 cursor actions under the HTML5 object, just like with Flash. I didn't get any answer so far. No update about this for 5 months.

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    He, I remember implementing the cursors in the HTML5 object!
    Something has been lost somewhere.

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