Hey guys, Nerf here! I am here with a idea for a future game for you're android!

Keep in mind it's my first game ever, so I do need a bit of help to further realize it.

So it's going to be an android app and the idea of it is practically two-way tower-defense (as in you have to go offence), but from the perspective of "The Battle Cats", or "Cartoon Wars" (basically side view). Me and a few others are pretty serious about getting this game out.

What I mean by two way is that you must defend and attack, because the only way to end a round is killing the enemy. There are certain mechanics to insure that you have to make towers, so don't worry about that. Another cool feature is that in-between rounds you can use a tech tree to unlock more variety, and viola, hopefully that will implement long-play-ability.

The art and style of the game is like medievally pixel-arty thing. It's actually pretty cool, if you ask me.


If you can, use that link. It takes you to the whole idea. http://www.gamesprout.com/ideas/998/design_document