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Thread: Unable to get property 'oiHandle' of undefined or null reference

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    Unable to get property 'oiHandle' of undefined or null reference

    Hi all. when I build and run my game i get this error:

    Unable to get property 'oiHandle' of undefined or null reference

    I sent the details to Simon (who I spoke to on the phone at the UK Clickteam Office) with the following details sent to to him in an email as the stesp to reproduce the error

    this was the message i also sent as part of the zip with the mfa file

    the error only seems to happen whenever I put in any type of Random eg

    every 1 second > Creat named object > Str$(0 + Random(5))

    Before i add this it works well
    after i add this the game crashes in HTML5 - when I remove this line and all random events it still crashes (even though it never crashed before adding any Random)

    If you try with Developement build and final project you will get 2 different errors.

    I have tried to start over 3 times and whenever I get to the random generat blcoks bit the same errors happen.

    (here is another error from the final build version

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Mq' of null


    any help from anyone would be great..

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    Argh! Sorry, I have missed your post (the forum is wierd if you use the "New post" option).
    Can you :
    a) Build your game in HTML5 Development
    b) Upload it to a web server
    c) Give me the link
    d) Send me the mfa (by Private mail if you do not want to make it public)

    Thanks, Francois

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