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Thread: Easing Widget Lite (extension-less)

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    Easing Widget Lite (extension-less)

    Lite version of the Easing Widget, available on CLICKSTORE

    Try a Flash demo HERE

    This widget makes it simple to add tweening animation to your project. The free version in the attachment has 6 functions (including linear) and supports movement, rotation and scaling. Copy and paste into your project, set the function referring to the list below and set the type of movement (move/rotate/scale). Put in your start, end, and duration values and set flag 0 to on.

    Lite functions: Quadratic_In, Quadratic_Out, Quadratic_In/Out, Cubic_In, Cubic_Out, Cubic_In/Out, Sine_In, Sine_Out, Sine_In/Out, Exponential_In, Exponential_Out, Exponential_In/Out, Elastic_In, Elastic_Out, Elastic_In/Out

    See a tutorial video here:

    The full version is less than the price of gum and by buying it you would be supporting more cool Fusion examples. Also the 'functions' group is unlocked and you get all 11 easing functions with 41 total movements, including the elusive Out_In mode.
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    I have already purchased you widget and........

    Genial!!! great piece of code for that price.
    Can be made effects easy that are not in the original easing extension (rotate,scale)

    Please published more assets

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    Very Nice..
    This goes on my list for tonight.

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    Thanks Perry and thanks Ximo for the review! More to come for sure.

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    Thanks, very generous, I'll be getting the full code too.
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    I just bought the full version of your Easing widget and im also new to fusion

    Im wanting to use it mainly for easing of rotations of my objects, and ive got it working but im VERY confused as to what some of the parameters are in the "Values" tab in the "Properties" toolbar

    Ive listed them all below along with my ideas of what i think a few of them are, but the majority I have NO idea, and when i select them there is no description of the selected parameter in the Properties Toolbar like there often is with the stock items

    id - I guess is the Objects unique ID
    t - ?
    StartX - the objects X coordinate at start of easing
    StartY - the objects Y coordinate at start of easing
    EndX - the objects X coordinate at end of easing
    EndY - the objects Y coordinate at end of easing
    cx - ?
    cy - ?
    Duration - Time taken from start of ease to end of ease
    Unused1 - ?
    p - ?
    s - ?
    returnx - ?
    returny - ?
    dt - ? (maybe delta time(times since last frame?))
    ds - ?
    q - ?

    Any help you could give me regarding this would be a huge help, as this is a very nice widget and i just want to understand its parameters so i can use it to its fullest

    Thank you

    Matthew A

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    Sorry for the bump, I just noticed that this question was posted here - answered previously via PM but if anyone is curious here's the reply:

    Some good info about easing is here: most of the variables are explained better in the links.

    The other variables are:

    id - left over from early tests and not used, I decided to leave it there in case people need it
    returnx,y - the x and y positions returned by the function used to set actual position
    dt and ds are delta values needed to make up for how Fusion handles "functions", it's probably easier to look in the code to see how they work rather than explaining them.
    q is used to keep the timer within the object instance, Fusion doesn't seem to self-reference instances in some circumstances (line 148 in full version), more info here (thanks to pixelthief):

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