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Thread: Game Breaking Platforming Game Glitch

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    Game Breaking Platforming Game Glitch

    I'm new at this so hear me out haha;

    I'm working on a platformer and have experienced a frustrating glitch that I have no idea how to fix or if someone else has ever had this problem.

    Like I said I'm new at this not sure if these will work but, take a look at these screenshots;


    I don't even know how to explain it but basically when the player dies, all active objects stay in their correct position, but all platforms seem to move out of position. The player can still collide with the platforms but the graphics for the platforms move. This makes it appear as if the player is walking on invisible platforms and the platform graphics have now shifted upward.

    I'm completely befuddled haha, I hope someone has an explanation. Thanks in advance.

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    I guess you should record a video or post your mfa, it will be simpler for us to understand...

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