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Thread: Build 283.1 - Binary Data problems

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    Build 283.1 - Binary Data problems

    After seeing that the formatting for INI files had been corrected in the latest Beta build for HTML5 i have installed and tested.
    Now i can include INI files which already contain data (levels) in the binary data and load at runtime, which is great!

    However I've encountered quite a big problem/bug:
    if i change one of the INI files that i have included in the data elements and recompile, the updated file isn't included in the build (if it has the same filename as previous).

    I tried:

    * removing from binary data elements tab, then re-adding.
    * Deleting the compiled projects folder, recompiling.
    * Completley removing the file from the data elements tab and compiling, and it STILL loads the file (even though it doesn't exist in the data elements tabs).

    Nothing i do can get rid of the file from the project, it doesn't matter if i delete it from the data elements tab or physically from the computer itself and recompile, its STILL included in the compiled project and can be referenced to and loaded.


    DOPE, It just clicked!
    It was still there and wasn't updating with the latest files because it was stored by the browsers cache/temporary files.
    After clearing "Cached images and files" and "Hosted app data" in chrome it is now fine!

    Is there anyway to force a reupdate/refresh of cached files on the users end?

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    Caches are still a big mystery to me... Never understood really how they worked on various browsers...

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    I am annoyed by caches too. Everytime I upload a new version of my HTML5 games I wish that the users get that version, but they don't. They must manually empty the browser cache.

    Maybe the solution lies in HTTP cache-control?
    I only did some quick tests so far, but in my understanding you can only prevent the browser to load data from the cache. This means that everytime the user acesses the game the browser downloads all the data which isn't optimal.

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