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Thread: Phasing through obstacles glitch

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    Lightbulb Phasing through obstacles glitch

    Hello fellow members,

    I've encountered a glitch that I've not been able to figure out a solution for. It happens in different instances but I believe that a solution will fix all instances. Or...?

    Player is standing on a movable platform. There is an obstacle block in the way. If the player sprite collides with it, instead of falling off, the sprite phases/clips through the block upwards until it's out and playable again.
    Basically, I want the sprite to hit to object and fall off.

    Another example of a similiar glitch is when you're crouching beneath an obstacle (an 8x8 block) and you stand up (essentially you can't fit anymore), the sprite phases through the block until it's out again.

    For the last example, I came up with a solution that sorta works by changing the player detectors animation to one that is small enough to fit beneath the block while crouching and resumes its regular size once you stand up again. However, I used another detector that stops you from standing up while under the block, but without that particular detector I made it'll glitch out as with the first example.

    It's a platformer using PMO.

    Any suggestions or clever solutions?

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    I have the SAME problem. I've tried everything and it's really annoying me.

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    There are two collisions occurring, one is on contact and the other is on overlap. Think of contact as the periphery, where as overlap is the space beyond the periphery.

    Easiest way to handle that is to use detectors. Trying to apply both collision detection methods to the same object can result in strange sprite behavior.

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    Yup, detectors, and have multiple collision events in each direction, for instance "Player Right is Overlapping Block" and "Block is Overriding Player Right."

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