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Thread: zone mouse control Choco player freezes Fusion 2.5

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    zone mouse control Choco player freezes Fusion 2.5

    Hi, I am newbie teacher for Fusion. Students are using Fusion2 and having had no problems. On my teacher laptop 7 pro, I downloaded 2.5 and am trying to do as well as they are. Ha!
    In Choco-break game, I add mouse control to the player object, I define the zone by making it thin, I run, and my mouse freezes to only operating in a smaller defined user area, the area is even smaller than even the area i had set for the zone. This limited area that mouse can affect is then a problem for all of my computer programs, Word, desktop, email etc.
    f4 and alt f4 and escape does not work to pull me out. I have to hard bootdown my laptop
    I have tried it multiple times.
    Thank you for any help

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    I have never heard of such a thing. I think that you can safely report that as a bug in the Bug Tracker.

    However, as a workaround, you can scratch the mouse movement, and instead set the object's movement to static, and use events to set the object's xposition to XMouse and yposition to YMouse. Simply type either XMouse or YMouse in the expression editor instead of a numeric value while setting the x or y position of the object.

    If you need to limit the movement to a zone, you can do this in the expression editor by using the min() and max() functions.

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