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Thread: Lacewing tutorial - Multiplayer chat

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    Cool Lacewing tutorial - Multiplayer chat

    Here is a quick lacewing tutorial how to connect and
    chat using lacewing - template included.
    Anyone can create a multiplayer with lacewing.

    Download template

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    Great tutorial. I am having a small issue with it taking forever to connect to that darkwire server you showed. I have great internet speed so I know its not on my end. Could it be the server or something I messed up? It is very hit or miss. Sometimes its instant other times it wont load at all.

    Could you show how to set up our own server to use?

    I would also like to know if there is a way to make an account like a moderator. So if needed you can kik people from that chat. Or if its possible to send different text colors.

    Thanks sparkman for all the great tutorials!

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