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Thread: Objet camera Android Preview

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    Objet camera Android Preview

    Bonjours les clickeur,

    Voila j'ai depuis longtemps une idée d'apps qui me trotte dans la tête quel que chose d'indispensable,qui requirent l'utilisation de l'appareil photo.

    J'ai inserer l'objet camera Android les conditions sont appliqué pour prendre une photo, cependant j'aimerais avoir une preview ou apperçu du cliché que je veux prendre comment je pourrais faire a ce moment la ?

    hello ,

    Here I have an idea for a long time of applications Who stuck in my head what That choose to essential requirent who use the Camera.

    I insert the object camera Android conditions are applied for Take picture of June, however I would like June Extract Where appercu cliché I want you take how Could I make a point of this ?

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    Je suis également intéressé par cela. Aurais-tu trouvé la manière de procéder? Merci

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    Sign me up for that as well. There is a new Camera 2 for the lastest google android SDK 29 api 9, however I see no object yet for MMF2.5.

    I wonder if the new split screen feature could help with this? Basically, the camera would open on the top half and the app would remain open on the bottom half.

    I would however prefer a ActiveX style window, like windows apps can have. Obviously ActiveX will not work. I'm just using that as an example.

    Here is a quick rendering of what I am looking for.


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