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Thread: Display Cards using Deck of Cards extension

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    Display Cards using Deck of Cards extension

    I am trying to use deck of cards extension to create 4 random hands of cards for a bridge type card game. After I create 4 players, fill deck, shuffle, deal 13 cards to players, I know I need to use group.good to display the cards. Do I need to use a fastloop to index each value of deck of card extension? When I just position x,y of group.good I only get 1 card on the frame.

    It seems something like start loop deal cards 52 times, on loop deal cards, set position x+counter, y of group.good should work in theory but there has to be an easier way using the extension. Any help or ideas appreciated.

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    What do you think about that. You create a list including all your cards value. In a fast loop, you define a random value within the number of cards. If you want to select 5 cards, you define a 5 repetition loop. on each loop you cut the line defined by the random number and you past it in a new list. And you select the cards defined in your second list.

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