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Thread: Black Frame in Fusion 2.5

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    Black Frame in Fusion 2.5

    Good morning!

    I am currently teaching a video game design class using Fusion 2.5. I have Dell 6400 laptops, and with two of the 8 computers, the students can insert and create the objects, but the frame is completely black. They are unable to see their objects on the screen. I have seen where it may be the resolution, but may also be the graphics card. I have changed the files to other laptops, and that has solved the problem for now, (so it isn't a file issue) but I will need to fix the problem before my next class. Any ideas on how to fix?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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    I have this problem if I set the display mode to anything other than standard if I am using a virtual machine. I believe this happens to me because I don't have 3D accelleration/DirectX8/9/10 compatibility.

    Try setting the display mode to 'Standard' on the application properties.

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