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Thread: Unlimited open world collision example

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    Unlimited open world collision example

    Theoretically unlimited open world movement with pixel-perfect array collisions and random terrain. Maintains very high framerate thanks to a dynamic tile loading system. Good for MMORPGs. It's possible to store extra values per tile by adding another dimension to the array so that tiles could act as triggers, spawn points, collectables, etc.
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    Nice example. There is one issue. For a short time when frame 2 starts "open world not responding", with a white frame. This is only for like 5-10 seconds, then the world appears. Would you fix this please?

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    I Tried to use it on Android but the Application craches

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    Dude This is Awesome ! But the Loading time is to huge for OUYA Applications How Can I Reduce the Loadings so the Application cant freeze

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    You should post this to Clickstore SolarB

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    The loading time and hang are due to the terrain generation. Replacing this with a randomly generated array or your own level will make it much faster, even working with Flash.

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    This is really cool but you should make another one at easy level, not so much complicated, it helps a lot. Thanks for example.

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    This is amazing! Is it possible though that you could make a quick Youtube video to explain it?

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