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Thread: Careful not to touch that or you'll-- *DZT!*

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    Lightbulb Careful not to touch that or you'll-- *DZT!*


    I made a rather weird but cute game called "Dzt", because you get to touch electrical surfaces and we all know: that goes *DZT!*. No idea how people will end up pronouncing the title, but whatever! It's Dzt.

    Your character is Suline, a cute girl in a pink dress. Loves candy. All the candy is on those electrical surfaces. However she loves candy so much, that finds it worth the risk. The more candy you eat, the more sugar she gets. The more sugar she gets, the faster she flies and she starts seeing things that aren't really there. Luckily they're cute things, albeit heavily distracting.

    Score points by collecting candy. Score a ridiculous amount of points by chaining (not skipping candy)!

    (I'm working on a trailer I'll post in this thread later when it's finished)

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    doing well bud, nice graphics, a lot of 5 stars there, Ill have to give it a bash sometime.

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