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Thread: Online games, save, arrays

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    Question Online games, save, arrays

    First, I want to make a online multiplayer battle game but the tutorial says that "String Parser" is needed. However, I'm using Games Factory 2 and there is no "String Parser". Second, I want to learn more about game saving, but I'm not familiar with arrays and text stuffs. I hope that there is a clearer version tutorial of Games Factory 2. Besides, I hope to have a sample .mfa too, thanks.

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    TGF2 doesn't support the String Parser object, it's a 3rd-party extension. However, you technically don't need it for online multiplayer. On the other hand, the Moo objects are hilariously outdated by now, and are sadly the only online multiplayer option available in TGF2. It's pretty much impossible to find a public server for Moo now, and I don't even know how in the world you are supposed to host one in the first place, so you may just be stuck when it comes to that particular problem, unless you've somehow managed to find one that is actually still up and running or know how to host one yourself...

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