Good evening!

My name is George R. Powell. While I've been a musician for 28 years, I've been a composer for soon-to-be 20 years and have composed for films and games for the past 16 years.

Samples of both my orchestral works and my digital rock works are available to stream on the front page of my website:
www (dot) georgerpowell (dot) com

Previous Work:
- "The Fair Folk" (2014; production still in progress) - self-produced game I am developing on the side.
- "Skynetessa: Steampunk Audio Adventure" (2014; production still in progress) - self-produced audio-play I wrote in 2012 and currently have 12 of 18 episodes complete and streamable.
- "Eve of October: Sol Trinity" (2014) - independently-produced by Mars Marshall of Studio Mars. Available on Amazon.
- "Made in the USA: The 30-Day Journey" (2014) - Feature-length documentary produced by Josh Miller. Available on multiple platforms.
- "Fly Piko" (2014) - Free iOS game produced by Yon Tanto. Available on the iOS App Store.
- "Rise of the Fellowship" (2013; uncredited on IMDB but credited in film) - feature-length film directed by Ron Newcomb of Opening Act Productions. Streamable on Netflix.
- "Eve of October OVA 1" (2011) - First animation by Mars Marshall of Studio Mars. Available on Amazon.
- "The Moon Tear demo" (2011) - self-produced game demo available here.
- "The Hero of Time" (2009) - feature-length fan-film based upon The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Produced by BMB Finishes.

Since I understand that budgets can be tight, I am open to negotiate according to your budget.

While I am always open to try things I've never done before, my style would be most ideal for:
- Fantasy RPGs
- Adventure games
- Action games

and have worked with the following genres:
- Film Score orchestral
- Game Score orchestral
- Digital Rock (ska/pop-rock/punk-rock)
- Ambient
- Electronica
- some Jazz

You may best contact me by e-mail as I always leave it open and check it repeatedly throughout the day and always respond to messages:
george (at) georgerpowell (dot) com