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Thread: INI and INI++ workaround needed

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    INI and INI++ workaround needed

    I'm currently using the INI++ in my game, but it doesn't support Unicode, which I need. So I have to rip it out and replace it with the regular INI object.

    This brings me problems. With INI++ that stores the data in the object, so I can decrypt the file, load it, encrypt the file, then continually refer to the data stored in the object throughout the gameplay.

    With the regular INI, it doesn't store the data (I believe?), so I'd have to continually decrypt/encrypt every single call (which would be overkill since I refer to the data 100s of times).

    Is there any workaround to this? Like instead of encryption I could just use plain text and the regular INI, then I'd need some object that gets an md5 or hash of an entire file to verify it's not been altered. I've seen the QuickHash one but not sure if it works on files?

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    I hit the same wall and the amount of work was too much so I gave up translations.
    Though if you are the guy behind "The Escapists" from what I can tell it has been a huge success, so I really, really hope you can figure a way around! Good luck!

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    Are normal Arrays out of the question? I'm not sure if they support unicode or not

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    Arrays should work, they support Unicode, and they are fairly unreadable. However, it would require making some sort of save file converter (whether automatically done on launch of the game or manually activated by the user), though that shouldn't be too hard to do, it's basically just taking the data from the INI file and stuffing it into the Array, and then saving the Array to wherever it's supposed to save it to.

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    Binary Array may be suitable, I haven't looked into this object yet, it's next on my to-do list. But I had a lot of success with the regular binary object and unicode. I was just handling compression, not actual variables, but I assume the array functions will allow you to treat it like a table of variables.

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