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Thread: Converting Game To Mobile App

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    Converting Game To Mobile App

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to Click Fusion 2.5 and I have just purchased the software to complete PC games.

    My question is how easy is it to convert any completed games for PC to Android / iOS applications? I know there are the module exporters to do so, but will I need to seriously consider changing the design of my PC games (such as changing / removing keyboard / mouse events) for the conversion or will I need to make the already made PC game from scratch again to accommodate the conversion?

    I just needed to know how easy this was before investing into the conversion modules.

    Sorry if this has already been asked, I've looked on the forum / internet and couldn't find anything

    Many Thanks

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    Hi there, welcome to the forums

    There are a couple of important things to think about when you're going for dual mobile and PC games - one of the most important is the controls, which might need to be adapted even if you're converting a mouse-controlled game on the PC. I've worked with the iOS exporter, and it adapts "User clicks" events directly into touch events, which is a nice shortcut - but there's also a dedicated object for handling touch/multiple touch events. Keyboard events aren't supported at all - you'd need to convert them into on-screen buttons (if you're using Player presses button X events, there's a built-in onscreen joystick you can use).

    Also, be aware of the objects and extensions that you're using - to make things easier for yourself, try to design your game avoiding anything that's obviously Windows-centric, like things that access the application properties, Windows clipboard and so on. You can see extensions that are supported by the mobile runtimes in the extension manager (click the 'Manager' button on the right of the window you get when you're inserting a new object to the frame).

    Make sure your screen size is compatible with the device you're aiming for as well - or write your game keeping in mind that the screen size should be adaptable.

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