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Thread: Jumping close to platform...

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    Jumping close to platform...


    I'm trying to get my player to jump in an ios build.
    I found success in the platform movement object - which is rad!
    The user clicks - the player jumps: BOOM! Sorted!

    I've made it so you can only jump when the object is standing on the ground: also totally cool - no double jump.

    Does anyone know how I can make it so the user can jump when the active object is a few pixels above the ground/platform???
    I figure if the game is gonna be fast paced it'll be super frustrating if the active has to have landed completely before they can jump again.

    I am a total newbie so any help would be really appreciated


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    Hi, Endorian.

    Are you using a square collision box for the character? What you could do is create a "Sensor" (Active Object.) Make its width the same width as your collision box, then make its height the distance from the ground that you want the player to be able to jump (IE Player can jump 4 pixels from the ground - make the height 4 pixels.)

    Now position the sensor directly below your collision box.

    Now all you have to do is change your code.

    Player Presses Jump
    Player Is standing on Ground
    Player Presses Jump
    Player is Falling
    Player SENSOR is overlapping ground

    - Jump!

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