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Thread: In-App Promotions - Are they Supported?

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    In-App Promotions - Are they Supported?

    I can't find anything about them being supported in the documentation. I'd like to generate a few codes to give out free adfree status and the extra character to some users who have been extra helpful to me with bug tracking in my game Gobs of Ghosts.

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    use redeem codes is like pay with a coupon, you need to generate them add in the application dashboard inside teh google developer console to be valid and provide them to your user then.

    if this code is for an article inside your app they will buy the article but will pay with the redeem code.

    if this code is to buy your application in google play store there is the menu redeem code or when you are about to pay your application use as mentioned above.

    when the inapp have redeem code you will see this in teh available payment methods.

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