I'm sandboxing my game right now and I'm running into an issue that I haven't had in a long time. In so long that I don't remember how to solve it. I only remember that it wasn't too difficult once you knew how, but i'm not sure on the accuracy of that memory.

I have a debug tileset saved in it's own MFA to use as a library for prototyping game levels. In my experience you would be able to drag a quick backdrop ground tile. size it to the desired size and then drag that same tile from the library resize it to a different size doing this over and over again until you have a platform level set up. At least I seem to remember being able to, but I haven't made a platformer in years.

Current Scenario:

If I drag the 'platform' quick backdrop out of the library and then drag another one, they are connected / clones they will be exact duplicates of each other. This is undesired functionality that interferes with design. I would like to turn it off and make it so that each instance of the platform quick backdrop functions independently of all the others. Is this possible or is my memory skewed. I've been making space shooters for years, it's been a long time since I made a platformer.

I know one solution is to right click the platform quick backdrop and create a new quick backdrop from that. But that seems silly and counter intuitive to me. It actually makes the library seem a bit pointless if all it's doing is creating linked clones. That would just lead to problems, at least with level design (it's probably pretty handy with things like enemies).

Thanks for reading, stay classy.